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Design the Next Year of Your Life

Design the Next Year of Your Life - The Lost Apron

Michael Hyatt says that most people either drift through life or have a driven life.  The way to balance all the aspects of your life is to design your life.  Wow!  Mind blown!  I read his book in the middle of 2018 and implemented some of the steps and accomplished so much of what I had been putting off for years.  Now I am designing my life for 2019.

Resources needed:

The plan:

  • Get the resources
  • Set aside time.  I suggest setting aside some time over 5 days to complete the 5 steps in the book.  A good time would be the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.
  • Do the work.  The book is a complete guide in the design of your year.  There are several action steps with links for additional resources in the book.  The work was eye opening for me.  Some prior goals were now only burdens that I thought I must still do.  Other priorities came to light that I didn't even realize were so much more important than my To Do List.
  • Review your design often throughout the year.


Design the Next Year of Your Life - The Lost Apron

I suggest getting the physical book.  I got it as a gift from my daughter because I was always complaining about not accomplishing my goals.  The physical book is great because I have marked it all up and flagged several pages.  

Design the Next Year of Your Life - The Lost Apron

Invest in a planner.  A planner may seem like old school in a digital world.  I got really good at using my google calendar to schedule my life.  The only problem is that my view was sometimes limited to the next event.  I needed to see the whole.  The other problem with relying on your digital calendar:  the digital world!!!  A simple look at my phone would lead me into rabbit holes of Instagram, FaceBook, emails that lead to shopping, etc.  My paper calendar keeps me on task.   I like Erin Condren's Life Planner.  I chose the hourly version.  There are 3 layout formats to choose from and loads upon loads of covers and options.  Each planner is individual made for you.  You will use the planner for the action plan for the year.  

My Planner as shown here is:  lots of love - LifePlanner™ .  The additional options were: choose your colors, platinum, hourly, colorful, and 12 Months - January 2019 - December 2019.

Design the Next Year of Your Life - The Lost Apron

Any blank journal will do. The journal is used with the book to complete all the steps.  I had no idea that looking at my past failures and writing about them would be so helpful.  I now look at failures as learning opportunities and to see how I want to chart my course through life.  I chose a planner  that is dotted because I like to use the pages to sketch out my designs as well.

Make sure to see all the resources and begin designing the life you want to have in 2019.

How are you planning your 2019?