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Where I Sew

Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

I do not have a Sewing Room.  I don't even have a designated Sewing Corner.  I do, however, always find a place to sew.

When we downsized into a townhouse I gave up my luxury of always having my sewing machine set up, my ironing board out, and a space to lay out and cut patterns.  This does not, however, keep me from sewing.  With my portable Bernina, I can set up anywhere.  See all the places where I sew.

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When I Take a Class

Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

I have a portable hand cart, so I can literally walk to take a class. I take my sewing machine, my sewing supplies and fabric.
Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

Andrea Schewe helped me pin the Jalie 2795 Zip Jacket pattern during her Jacket Class.
Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

I was able to (almost) complete my zip jacket at the Jalie Jacket Class.

When I Sew With Friends 

Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

I like to sew smaller projects when I have a sewing day at a friend's house.  My friend has an extra sewing machine, so I only need to take my sew kit and my fabric.
Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron
I am making the Easy DIY Burp Cloths using the Art Gallery Fabrics Nest Panel while my friend works on some mending.

When I Teach

Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron
I set up my sewing machines at a local school during Summer Sewing Camps.  I take everything I will need to teach.  I take fabrics, sew kits, my mini iron and board.  I even bring the sewing machines.  I have had great luck with the Eversewn Sewing Machines.  The Sparrow 15 Mechanical Sewing Machine and Sparrow 20 Computerized Sewing Machine have been my favorites.

Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

I also teach private lessons in people's homes.  I take whatever I need for each individual class.  This was a class for 3 girls making pillows using the Quilt-as-You-Go method in Sarah Jane Magic Fabrics.  They had there own machines so I didn't need to bring them.  I have had a few students choose the teal colored Singer Simple 3223g Sewing Machine with good success for the price point.

When I Sew for Short Periods of Time

Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

When I do sew at home, I sew at my dining room table when I sew something that I will be putting away at the end of the day.  Here I am working on the Itty Bitty Handmade Quilt.  I set up my machine then put it away in the pantry when I am done for the day.  I have a drawer in the cabinet nearby with my necessary sewing supplies so I don't have to move everything.

  Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

I press and cut on my kitchen island which is right across from my dining room table.  These items get put away in the nearby pantry.

When I Sew More Time Consuming Projects

Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

Sometimes I sew more time consuming projects at home and I don't want to put everything away at the end of the day.  When I was sewing little flower girl dresses, I set up my sewing machine in the guest bedroom so I could leave everything out from one day to the next.  There is not much extra room in this area so I still need to run downstairs to do the pressing.
Where I Sew -- The Lost Apron

I could hang dresses in progress from the bunk bed.

Small Space Sewing

Sometimes finding a good spot to sew can be challenging but it should never be a hinderance to sewing. The saddest thing I hear is when someone is waiting for "some day" when they will have that sewing room and until then the machine is in a storage unit.

If you have a closet (or pantry) where you can keep your machine, you can easily pull it out and set up on a desk or table.  Keep a small Sew Kit and you are ready to sew.

Where do you sew?  Do you have a small space challenge?  Tell me in the comments.  I would love to hear from you.  

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