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Take a look at new pages of The Lost Apron Store.  I created these new pages because I teach absolute beginners how to sew.  The mistake beginners make is buying all sorts of things they don't need and not getting what they do need.

Sewing Supplies - The Lost Apron

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New category pages include:

  • Beginner Sewing Supplies.  These are various supplies that I have hand-picked that are great for the beginner who is learning how to sew.
  • Beyond Beginner Supplies.   After you have purchased the beginner sewing supplies and you are ready to get more into the sewing craft, these items are the perfect next step.
  • Pattern Drafting.  These supplies are great for when you get into garment making and designing or just pattern tracing.

Then there are other pages of items I have used or recommended in my blog posts.

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