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I love ordering from I also have The Lost Apron Store on Amazon and am an Amazon Affiliate (where I get paid a small commission on items purchases through my links). I use Prime Pantry for bulky grocery items. Read: I Tried Prime Pantry. I have my Amazon Prime Credit Card so that I get an additional 5% off all my Amazon purchases. I also have subscriptions on Amazon. I love Amazon. But sometimes, things don't arrive when they should. Read more →

Moms today are all about streamlining. Efficiency is key when streamlining. Busy and active moms need a mini diaper bag that can still hold all the essentials that can fit into a tote or go alone. This simple folio is perfect for the mom on the go. When I was a new mom, I carried a monster diaper bag. I carried anything I could possibly need with me. Sometimes bags like that are essential for a whole day away. Now as a new grandma, I see that sometimes for a short outing all you need is the basics. Read more →

I have never eaten so healthy in my life!!! I began using Sun Basket in September, and I absolutely love it! Dinner has always been a big dilemma in my house. I have never been a good cook, but I always cooked for my family. Now I look forward to all the new recipes and trying new ingredients. What really surprised me about Sun Basket is the quality of the food. I no longer have to plan, and shop for dinner. Dinner is solved! Read more →

Sometimes your polo shirt or t-shirt gets an annoying little hole. It doesn't look that bad at first, then it begins to grow and be more noticeable. Then you may even stop wearing it because you don't know how to fix it. Repairing a little hole is one of the simplest hand sewing that can be done. Read more →