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Eye Mask

Eye Mask - Summer Sewing Camp - The Lost Apron
Now that your child has learned to sew straight stitches and pivots, it's time to learn to sew curves.


 If you are following the Summer Sewing Camp series,  the eye mask would be the next project.

Day Three:  Curves and Elastic

You will need:

  • Fabric:  Remnants, or a fat quarter
  • 1/2 yard of 3/8" elastic
  •  1/2 yard of black iron-on interfacing (optional)
  • 3 copies of eye mask pattern.  Download here:  Download Eyemask.  (Print landscape, actual size---not shrink to fit.)

Sewing Practice Paper

Practice sewing curves on a copy of the eye mask pattern.  Until now you have been sewing using a seam guide on your sewing machine for seams or a position on the toe of your presser foot for topstitching.  Cut out the pattern using the outer line.   Now you will practice actually sewing ON a line.

Practice Eye Mask - The Lost Apron

Begin at the top straight edge and sew on the inner line all the way around.  The turns are hard to take fast.  Some children find it easier to "walk" the sewing machine instead of using the foot pedal.  You may also find it necessary to do a slight pivot (with the needle down, lift presser foot, turn paper slightly, put presser foot down and continue) on some of the tight turns.

The Clips and Notches Lesson

Clips and Notches Lesson -- The Lost Apron

Once you have sewn all the way around the eye mask.  Try to fold the seam allowance inward along the seam line you have just sewn.  

Clips and Notches Lesson--The Lost Apron

You realize in doing this that the outside curves (mountain curves) ends up with many folds.  The inside curve (valley curve) cannot be folded in without tearing.

Clipping Curves  -- The Lost Apron

Making a series of small clips in this area will allow the paper to be folded flat.

Cut notches to reduce bulk -The Lost Apron
In order to remove the bulk of the overlapped edges on the outside curves you would actually make v-type notches removing a triangle of paper at each notch.  Clip the valley and notch the mountains.

Cut the Eye Mask

Now take the 2nd copy of the pattern.

Cut a piece of the black iron-on interfacing slightly larger than the pattern.  I find it easier to iron on the interfacing onto the back of your fabric before you cut the pattern.  Use the instructions that come with the interfacing for application.

With the right sides together, pin your eye mask pattern to the interfacing side.  Be sure that all the edges are within the interfacing.  Cut on the outside line through all the layers.  Make tiny snips where indicated on the pattern.

Remove pins.  Adjust the length of elastic by "trying it on".  Use safety pins to attach elactic to the right side of one of the mask layers on the sides where indicated on the pattern.  Cut elastic if to fit.  Remove safety pins and replace with straight pins so that the elastic is going across the right side of the fabric.  Place a safety pin right through the center of the mask catching the excess elastic to keep it flat.  Place other layer of mask on top, right sides together.

Sew the Eye Mask

Sew on white pencil line -- The Lost Apron
 Now take the 3rd copy of the pattern.  Glue the pattern onto a piece of card stock using a glue stick.  Once try, cut the pattern along the sewing line.  With the interfacing side up, center the pattern onto the eye mask.  Use your white pencil from your Start-to-sew kit to trace around your pattern.

Pin around the edges of the eye mask through all the layers.  Use a set of cross pins at the top snips to indicate where to start and stop.

Leaving the top edge open, sew on the line all the way around until you reach the crossed pins.  Be sure to back tack at the beginning and end of the seam.

Clip curves -- The Lost Apron
Clip and notch the seam allowance as you did on the practice paper.  Only use the tip of the scissors and be sure not to cut through the stitching line.

Turn right side out.  Use the rounded edge of your point turner and seam creaser  inside the mask layers to push out all the edges.  Press flat tucking in the top edge.  Edge stitch or hand sew the opening closed.

  Have fun with your eye mask -- The Lost Apron

 Have fun with your eye mask.  You can wear it to your next slumber party!