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Traveling Medicines

With the holidays upon us, many of you will be traveling soon. Traveling with children can be trying. It seemed that when our children were young, someone would inevitably not feel well when we traveled. No matter if you are traveling by car, plane, boat or train, the best thing that you can do is be prepared with the correct medicines for each member of the family.

I always like to have Dramamine on hand. I prefer the chewable kind because we can all take it. I like it when I fly because the liquid restrictions sometimes means I don't have a water bottle with me. I have had so much trouble opening these "easy tear" packagings. Now I snip the packaging with the scissors before I leave home.

The other way to carry medicines is to put single doses in little bags. I use the tiny bags that come with extra buttons that are attached to your garments when you buy them. Put the buttons in your button box and keep the bags.

Just be sure you know the dosage and what it is for before you remove it from the bottle. You may find it useful to mark each bag with a Sharpie. Write what it is and who it is for. When your children are young their doses may vary between each child.

Have safe travels and I hope you all remain well.

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