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Apron Making Party

I have found that a great way to make gifts for all your lady friends is to have them make the gifts themselves. There is nothing that ladies like more than getting together to gab. Add in some sewing and coffee and it becomes quite an event. Have aprons cut out and ready and they can go home with a gift from you.


Plan this event in late November or early December and you have taken quite a few ladies off your gift list before your holiday season gets really busy.

Plan your own Apron Making Party:
1. Plan your project. I chose an apron pattern that I have designed for those with little to no sewing experience. I have named it "The Homemaker's Apron: The Super Easy, No Hemming, No Gathering, No Hand Sewing Apron."
Print your instructions here:
Download Apron Making Party-PDF

2. Pick a date that is good for you and send out invitations. I still like mailing invitations but or Paperless Post work great for emailing invitations. I like doing this type of party in the morning. Allow 3 hours to complete the project. Be sure to tell them to bring their sewing machine and sew kit.

3. Buy and cut your fabrics. Have fun coordinating fabrics. Also think of your guest list and what they like. I buy enough for everyone coming and maybe enough for 1 or 2 more. I can always make them up as gifts if not used at the party. The Fat Quarter Shop has fabrics by family, making it easy to find 2 fabrics that go together. Your local quilt shop is another good source for fabrics. I always have thread on hand but otherwise you can have the ladies bring some. The real gift of this party is to have all the aprons cut when the ladies arrive. So find some time before your party to cut out the aprons. Your guests will pick their apron fabrics as they arrive.

4. Find a good spot in your house for the ladies to gather with their machines.
My kitchen table works great for this.

5. Find a nearby spot for the ironing board. It will also be handy to have someone else bring an ironing board and iron.
My dining area works well for this. I also set up a cutting board on the dining table to have a bigger area to pin.

6. The morning of the party make some coffee and have some baked goods. Make a copy of the instructions for each guest. Put place mats out for each sewing machine to sit. Put extension cords and power strips under the table.
If children are coming, have toys and food for them.

7. Take a photo once they are complete.

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