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I will tell you time and again that your children will learn more from what you do than from anything you try to teach them. This is why raising children of good character is so difficult, because we have to be adults of good character.

Do you have a wide range of friends or do you only tolerate "certain kinds" of people? How do you help others fit in? Do you invite someone over? Do you welcome newcomers at church or in your neighborhood? Do you invite new school families over for dinner? Or do you make fun of people? Do you criticize people's looks or clothing? Do you gossip? Even if mockery is only done in your home and not directly to others, your children will think this is acceptable. What about your children? Do you encourage them to invite the new student over? Do you encourage them to be inclusive at the lunch tables? Do you discourage bullying and teasing?

Talk to your children about their friends and others at school. Ask them how they think they can help someone who is not fitting in. Can your child be the friend this person needs? Can you alter a uniform so that it fits someone? Can your child apologize for a remark made? Can your child stand up for someone when everyone else is putting them down?

Remind your child of a time someone was kind to them and how it made them feel.

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