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Day 31. Although today completes my 31 Days of Offering Encouragement to Moms, my blog will continue to offer encouragement. Thank you to all the new subscribers. See the sidebar for the complete list of posts. See other 31 Dayers at The Nesting Place.

I received the following email from Moms in Prayer on Monday. The Subject line was entitled "Scripture Prayer for YOU!" Please add your name in the verse below:
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I think its interesting that a group that is focused on praying for your children and their schools begins the week by having mom pray for herself. I believe that it is only through the grace of God that any of our children ever grow up. It's not that we are bad parents, children just do the most amazing things. We often just thank God that an incident did not have a worse outcome: those few seconds that you could not find your child in a store, that time that they ran across the street after a ball, the time they were playing with a plastic bag, the time they turned on the stove, the first time they rode their bike to school, their first car accident. Life happens and God protects. God has entrusted these little lives to us. Pray for wisdom in raising them and for protection as they grow up.

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