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Family Dinner

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There is no mistaking that the Family Dinner has lasting benefits. The challenge comes in making it happen. With families becoming busier than ever, dinners won't just "happen", you have to plan for them.

The challenge: Plan your dinners for one week.


Step 1: Download and print the Menu Planner and Shopping List found here:
Download Menu Planner-PDF
Step 2: Look at your calendar for the week and fill in "What's Up" for each day. Write anything here that will affect your dinner for that day.
Step 3: Now determine what time dinner should be on each day. Consider "What's Up" and fill in the time that the family can all be together. An after school game may mean a late dinner. An evening meeting may mean an early dinner.
Step 4: Decide menu considering "What's Up" and "Time". Planning for a left-over day calls for preparing a meal that is easy to reheat the day before. A late dinner calls for a quick cooking dinner. See example below.
Step 5: Make your shopping list and shop for the week!

You will be amazed how smoothly the week will go with a little extra planning time. You have just made Family Dinner happen.
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