Mom! I'm bored!

It's time to praise women for their jobs as moms

I would like to share with you my joys and trials of mothering.  As I look back, all I see are joys.  Any trials were so short lived that they are merely a blur.  If you are now in the midst of trials, let me assure you that this season will pass.  I think that if we concentrated on the trials of motherhood, we would never have more than one child; we would only remember the trials of labor and not want to repeat it.  God has a way of erasing those and giving us such deep joy.  Joy is what we remember.

We as mothers have a great responsibility to raise the leaders of our next generation.  I think that many of us have not taken this role seriously enough.  This is evidenced by the young leaders we see in our world today.  Many have not been raised with integrity, moral conviction, respect for authority or even basic manners.  I believe that the role of mothers has been put beneath many other roles.  It is time we put this role of women above all else we do.  It is time that we take pride in being a mom.  If we are not raising our children, then who is?  No one.

Men see their work as a provider with the goal being retirement.  Men are praised for their work and praised when they are able to retire.  Women are not praised for their work as mothers. Women are not praised if they are able to "retire" from a job to stay home and raise her children.  I think its time we praise these women for being moms and taking on the job that this entails.  I praise you!!!