Michael Hyatt says that most people either drift through life or have a driven life.  The way to balance all the aspects of your life is to design your life.  Wow!  Mind blown!  I read his book in the middle of 2018 and implemented some of the steps and accomplished so much of what I had been putting off for years.  Now I am designing my life for 2019. Read more →

Sometimes finding modest ready-to-wear clothing for girls can be difficult. Often they are too short or too tight. Use these suggestions to avoid the mother-daughter struggles. Sometimes going up a size or two is really all the solution you need. This may require some slight alterations. Today I am a... Read more →

Hand sewing is the best way to begin the life-long journey of  sewing love. A hoop button project is the best first sewing project for children.  They will learn how to handle a needle and thread to make stitches.  The hoop keeps the fabric straight.  Buttons add a quick brightness to their project.  Read more →

The easiest way to cut fabric on a straight line is with a rotary cutter, mat and ruler. No question! But, do not recommend children using a rotary cutter. Also, if you are new to the sewing scene, you may have not invested in one yet. So if you do not have one, (or should not use one) there are other ways to cut a pattern. Read more →