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Learn to Sew Pouches

Learn to Sew Pouches - The Lost Apron

Learn to Sew Pouches

This is part of a Learn to Sew Series:

Teaching Children to Sew

This is a way to teach your child to sew (even if you don’t know how.)

It is perfect for a project after the Learn to Sew Tissue Pack Cover

or the Learn to Sew Pillow.

This is a Mini Friendly Pattern and can be made on a mini sewing machine.

Learn to Sew Pouches - The Lost Apron

Materials Needed

  • ¼ yard (or fat quarter) of 2 fabrics
  • Thread
  • 7” zipper
  • Charm (optional)

Supplies Needed

  • Sewing machine (Janome Mini works great for this project)
  • Iron
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler
  • Wonder Clips (optional)
  • Point turner (optional)
  • Spray starch (optional)
  • Needle nose pliers (optional)

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Cut the Fabric


  • Iron fabric. Iron out any folds.   Optional: Use spray starch for a crisp, smooth finish on the fabric. This makes it easier for little hands to handle.   Use manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Cut fabric using the rotary cutter, mat, and ruler. Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the outside and 2 pieces of fabric for the inside, all the same size. Recommended size is 8 ¼ X 6 inches.  You may use a different size if you wish.  Just make sure that it won't exceed the length of the zipper. (The instructions that follow show pieces that were cut 6 X 6 inches.) 

Warning: Do not let children use a rotary cutter.

Learn to Sew Pouches - The Lost Apron

Learn to Sew Pouches - The Lost Apron

Child Option: Make a pattern on paper of a desired size. Pin to fabric. Cut with scissors.

Learn to Sew Pouches - The Lost Apron

Sew Zipper Side 1:

  • Stack 3 layers beginning by placing an outside fabric, right side up. Place the zipper, right side down with tab-stop to the right. (If using 8 ¼” fabric, center the zipper.)
  • Place the inside fabric, right side down over zipper. All the top edges should be even.  Both fabric edges should be even.   
  • Use wonder clips to clip fabrics together. Pins can be difficult to pin through the zipper.
  • Sew along top edge through the 3 layers close to zipper teeth.  Although you cannot see the zipper teeth, you can feel the ridge of the teeth.  You can use a zipper foot, or change the needle position to the left to sew this seam.

Iron fabrics away from zipper so that right sides are out.

Learn to Sew Pouches - The Lost Apron

Sew Zipper Side 2:

  • Place the second outside fabric, right side up. Place other side of the zipper, right side down with tab-stop on the left over outside fabric.  (There will be fabric from the last seam hanging off the bottom edge of the zipper.)
  • Finally place second inside fabric right side down over zipper. All top edges should be even.
  • Clip together and sew along top edge close to zipper teeth as before.

Iron the fabrics away from the zipper.

Learn to Sew Pouches - The Lost Apron

Prepare Pouch to Sew: 

  • Zip the zipper until the pull-tab is in the center of the fabric (half way).
  • Bring right sides together of the outside fabrics.
  • Lift these fabrics up until the inside fabrics fall together.  
  • Linings should align together and outside fabrics should align together like a pillow.
  • Pin around all 4 sides. Place a 3” piece of washi tape at the lining end.
  • Lay the zipper teeth toward the inside (lining) fabric on the zipper stop end and pin.
  • Fold the zipper in half lengthwise on the zipped end with the teeth toward the lining and the tape toward the outside fabric and pin.

Learn to Sew Pouches - The Lost Apron

Sew Pouch:

  • Change setting on machine from zipper to normal, or change presser foot as necessary.  
  • Sew 4/8" around the pouch, keeping the 3" opening for turning.  "Walk" the machine as you sew over the zipper at both locations. Pivot at all corners.
  • Clip corners.  
  • If zipper is extending on one side, you may cut the end. You may hand sew a new stopper. 
  • Remove washi tape. Reach into opening, turn entire bag right side out.  It will look like 2 bags extending from both sides of the zipper. Poke out corners of outside fabric with a point turner through the opening. 
  • Stitch opening closed close to fold.
  • Tuck the lining fabric into pouch and iron flat.
  • Optional: Add a charm to the end of the zipper pull-tab using pliers.


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