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Learn to Sew Supplies

Learn to sew basic sewing supplies

When you are learning to sew, I recommend some basic sewing supplies.

This is part of a Summer Sewing Camp series: 

This is a camp for you to teach your children to sew in the form of a Summer Sewing Camp.

This Summer Sewing Camp is intended for a mom to teach her child to sew.  I recommend your child inviting one or two friends so that it becomes a class.  There will be instructions and supplies for mom and for each child.  

If you are using these instructions to teach yourself, just follow both parts.

Each child should have:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Start-To-Sew Kit
  • Box for Kit

Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine - The Lost Apron

Sewing Machine.  I recommend using a sewing machine you have as long as it has a slow stitch setting.  If not, I recommend the Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine.  Read my review here:  Janome Sew Mini

Dritz Start-to-sew kit.  Perfect for teaching kids to sew.  The Lost Apron
Start-To-Sew Kit.  The easiest way to run your camp is if everyone has the same sewing kit.  I have had students bring in gramma's sewing basket but it may not have what they need.   The Dritz Start-To-Sew Kit found HERE is the best one I have found.  The kit includes a pin cushion, tape measure, needle threader, marking pencil, seam gauge, hand needles, scissors, seam ripper, pins and thimble.   The scissors in this kit are also perfect for the beginner because they are not too sharp but can cut through what they need to.  The pins do not work that well and I substitute them with Multi Color Ball Point Pins.  I have used several other sewing kits, including other ones sold on Amazon for less, but I have been disappointed.  I have also bought kits from Michaels and JoAnns and none measure up to this one.  Do NOT buy the sewing kits made by Simplicity, Singer or Sewing Basket.
  Start-to-sew kit in supply box.  The Lost Apron
Supply Box.  Any kind of pencil box or supply box will work to put the Start-To-Sew kit in.  Again, it is easier if they each have the same type of box.   Different colors are great.  I found that these from Michael's fit the scissors well and are only $1.00 and they carry these year-round.  Target and Staples will have similar ones in the summer during their back-to-school  sales.
If all children have the same supplies, the class will run more smoothly.  You can go over all the tools at the same time with everyone.  If one child brings in gramma's big sewing box, then everyone gets distracted trying to find things.
Teaching Kids to Sew Kit.  The Lost Apron

As the camp instructor you should supply the following items:
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Extension cord and power strip
  • Index Cards
  • Rotary Cutting Set
  • Point Turner
  • C-Thru Ruler
  • Wonder Clips
  • Safety Pins
  • Glass Head Pins
  • Washi Tape
Rotary Cutting Set --- The Lost Apron
Rotary Cutting Set.  This is for use by adults only.  I recommend that the adult do the cutting for this camp.  It gives such nice clean edges to cut fabrics that make it easy for little hands that are learning to sew their first projects.  I have had a Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set for many years.  This set includes an 18" x 24" mat, a rotary cutter and a 6 x 24" acrylic ruler.  This set is all you need.
I have more recently purchased an OLFA 24" x 36" mat.  This works very well with the Fiskars set.  I enjoy having the extra space for my classes.
Wonder clips, c-thru ruler, and point turner--- The Lost Apron

Point Turner. The Point Turner & Seam Creaser is very useful for turning out corners and "pressing" seams open before you iron.  I have all the students share mine.
C-Thru Ruler.  The C-Thru Ruler is 2 X 18 inches and marked in 1/8" lines.  I use this to make sewing guides and paper patterns.
Wonder Clips.  Wonder Clips  work great for little hands to use instead of pins when sewing their first seams.  These first came in red only and now come in pink.  I introduced these to my new students a couple of years ago and they have absolutely loved these instead of pins.

Teaching Kids to Sew Supplies --- The Lost Apron

Washi Tape.  I always used clear Scotch Tape in the past but the girls love the Washi Tape.  I used Martha Stewart Craft Tape.  It comes in many colors and patterns.  Pictured here are small jars from Michaels that I keep in my sewing kit.  I love the pink pins.   I use a floral make-up bag that I found at Forever 21.  Similar HERE.  
If you sew, you probably have most of these items.  You can find many of these at your local craft or fabric store.  These items are also available in The Lost Apron Sewing Store HERE.  You can view the store for more details on these items.


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