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Janome Sew Mini

Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine - The Lost Apron

The Janome Sew Mini is my favorite sewing machine to teach children how to sew.

If you are planning to teach your child (or yourself) to sew, you can follow my instructions for the Summer Sewing Camp.  Follow the series:

This is a camp for you to teach your children to sew in the form of a Summer Sewing Camp.

You can plan your own Summer Sewing Camp.  Teaching your child is more fun if she can learn with a friend (or two or more).  I will be giving you instructions and tutorials on easy projects.  But first:

Each child will need a sewing machine

If you are an experienced sewer, you probably have your own machine, and can easily figure out other machines.

If you are new to sewing or just learning yourself, a simple machine would be easier.

Children will choose the Janome Sew Mini over another sewing machine every time.

Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine - The Lost Apron


Children like the pictures and the corresponding dial to pick stitches.

Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine - The Lost Apron Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine - The Lost Apron

 Why do I recommend the Janome Sew Mini?

Simplicity  Most people who ask me to recommend a sewing machine are moms who do not sew, and want a machine for their child.  The Janome Sew Mini is so easy to use that anyone can thread it and have it running in no time.

Speed  There is only one speed on this machine.  Slow.  This makes it easy for little hands or inexperienced sewers to guide the fabric.

Cost  For just around $60 the machine is yours.  This is good for those who are trying out sewing for the first time.  The local sewing machine store rents machines for $25/day or $50/week.  AFTER you learn to sew, and you like sewing and think you will want more features.....then buy the best machine you can afford.

Free Arm  The machine has a free arm for sewing casings or hems.

Warranty   Most stores will accept the machine for return within 30- 90 days.  Janome will warranty the machine for 1 year.  So if the machine breaks within the store warranty time, you can ship it back.  If it breaks after that, Janome will repair it or replace it for free within a year, if you pay for the shipping.  Know the warranty before you purchase.


Some reviews mention these cons: 

No Light If you are used to sewing with a light, you will notice that it doesn't have one.  For children that are learning, they have great eyes if your room is well lit. You can also use a table lamp. 

Noisy  When children are learning how to sew, the sound is a good reminder that this is a piece of machinery that is to be taken seriously.

Not Fast This is a good thing for beginners.  More expensive machines have a speed control, but the in-betweens do not.  

Another con not usually mentioned in the reviews:  Limited Fabric Capacity.  It delivers quality stitching for up to 6 layers of lightweight fabric.This is not a heavy duty machine and will not sew all kinds of fabrics.  Don't plan on hemming jeans or sewing upholstery.  But again, for beginners sewing cotton fabrics (quilting cottons) it is perfect.  

Mini Friendly Patterns

For best results from the Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine, use it how it was intended.  Learn to sew on it or use it as an extra machine for lightweight work.  To help in knowing what is safe to sew with the Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine try my Mini Friendly Patterns.  Mini Friendly Patterns never sew more than 6 layers of fabric at once, never sew over elastic, or other unsuitable materials.  You will also find sewing tips for beginners.  Find Mini Friendly Patterns HERE.

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