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Keep Track of Those Summer Jobs

Whatever summer jobs your children had this summer, it's important to keep track of some vital information.  It doesn't matter if the job was paid or volunteer, the experience can be included in a future resume or college application.

Keep Track of Summer Jobs---The Lost Apron
Summer Lifeguard
Keep Track of Summer Jobs---The Lost Apron
Story Reading Volunteer


Keep Track of Summer Jobs---The Lost Apron
Anthropologie Sales Associate
Keep Track of Summer Jobs---The Lost Apron
Quilt-making Volunteer for a Church Service Project

Write down all important information from the summer job on my Work Experience Log.  If you don't do it now, you may forget some of the information later.  Download the printable form here:

Download Work Experience Log

This log can be filled out now with any information they can collect.  The form has language that your children can understand with commonly used application titles in ( ).  This will help them to retreive this information in the future and know where to put it when they are trying to fill out those applications.  

Stack of Job Applications---The Lost Apron
The next time your child has to fill out an application, they will have all the information they need saved on their Work Experience Log.

Children's Award Binder---The Lost Apron

Save this Work Experience Log in a plastic sleeve in their award binder.  Keep anything else they have related to this job on the back side of the log.  You may have an employment contract, co-worker list, etc.  If you haven't started an award binder, please read Keeping Children's Awards.

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