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Raising Teens: Be the Parent

Raising Teens

Raising Teens===The Lost Apron


Please join me on a journey during the month of October as I discuss issues in Raising Teens.  I will be joining other bloggers over at The Nesting Place.


When we think of raising our children, we think of the terrible twos and getting through the toddler years.  We may also think of school years, establishing good friendships, and becoming responsible.  Once our children are responsible enough to be left home alone we feel that we have done a pretty good job of raising them.


But don't stop there!!!


Teens and tweens still need raising.  They actually need you now more than ever (although they don't think so.)  I hope that over the next month you can get reacquainted with your teens and give them the love and support they are longing for.  I have always said that teens need a cheerleader.  Your role as mom is to be that cheerleader for your child.

My children are now 17, 20, and 23 years old.  One is a senior in high school, one is away at college, and one is a college graduate living on her own.  I love them now more than ever and I love the relationship I have with each of them. 

I recently told someone that I never had any teens.  I guess I feel that I never went through what so many parents go through in their struggles with their teens.  I will be sharing what I have learned along the way in my journey of raising teens.

Begin today by giving your teen a hug.  Let them feel your love for them.

Raising Teens===The Lost Apron
Raising Teens===The Lost Apron
Raising Teens===The Lost Apron

Raising Teens.  

Raise them while you still have them.