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Raising Teens: Pray

Raising Teens: Say Goodnight

Sometimes it seems as though your teens are dead to the world.  You think that the last thing they would want is a kiss goodnight from their parents.  Think again.  They need you more than you realize. 

When your children were babies you were constantly in touch with them, literally. As they grew a little older, the bedtime ritual began. This may have been a story followed by prayer time. They got a little older and they became private about their prayers, so you may have sat with them while they prayed silently or you may have just said goodnight. Before you knew it, they were staying up way after you went to bed.  Now you may realize that you haven't checked in on them,  or even said goodnight in a very long time.

A goodnight ritual is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your growing children. I have found this to be even more important throughout their teen years. Although I only have one at home now, I still go into her room every night and say goodnight to her.  I now know that  I never know what this goodnight kiss will bring. It can be just a return goodnight, or a tight hug, or the beginning of a long conversation. When my older children are home, the ritual with them resumes.

The important thing is to check in with them and see how they are doing EVERY DAY. The opportunity is there to talk each night if they need to.

The interesting thing I have found is when we have sleepover friends. I always have to include my children's friends in the goodnight ritual. They love to be included and are quite responsive. They all love to feel loved.

No matter how old your children are and where you are in your goodnight ritual, consider establishing some sort of contact with each of your children individually every day. They will love feeling loved.

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And don't forget to give them hugs, be the parent, and have dinner together as a family.

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