Raising Teens: Pray
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Raising Teens: Going to Church

Raising Teens:  Going to Church ===The Lost Apron
Teenagers typically stop going to church. They question everything around them. They question their parents and their ideals. The teenage years are the most important time to keep in contact with your children. Give them a reason to believe.

I believe that you are the parents and you get to decide what your children do on Sunday mornings. In our house our family goes to church together. Read Raising Teens:  Be the Parent. This does not mean we are tyrants but our children know we care enough about them to never stop teaching them. Part of raising children is raising them in the Church. This also means that we have to do our best to model what we preach. Eventually the things they question will make sense or they know what to ask to get the answers they need.


Raising Teens===The Lost Apron

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And don't forget to give them hugs, be the parent, have dinner together as a family,  say goodnight to them, and pray for them.


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