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Summer Sewing Camp Supplies

Start-to-sew kit in supply box

You can plan your own Summer Sewing Camp.

This is part of a series of  instructions on how to teach your children to sew in the form of a camp.  Click on the button below for the entire series.


Today I will discuss the supplies you will need to run your Summer Sewing Camp.  These supplies are also for any beginner learning to sew.  (There are many links in this post, so if you are a subscriber and reading this in an email or reader, you may want to read this on the website instead.)

Every camper will need the following:
Borrowed grandma's sewing machine
Sewing Machine
.    Please read My First Sewing Machine for details.

Dritz Start-to-sew kit
Start-To-Sew Kit.  The easiest way to run your camp is if everyone has the same sewing kit.  I have had students bring in gramma's sewing basket but it may not have what they need.   The Dritz Start-To-Sew Kit found HERE is the best one I have found.  The kit includes a pin cushion, tape measure, needle threader, marking pencil, seam gauge, hand needles, scissors, seam ripper, pins and thimble.   The scissors in this kit are also perfect for the beginner because they are not too sharp but can cut through what they need to.   I have used several other sewing kits, including ones sold on Amazon for less, but I have been disappointed.  I have also bought kits from Michaels and JoAnns and none measure up to this one.  Do NOT buy the sewing kits made by Simplicity, Singer or Sewing Basket.
Dritz Ball Point Glasshead pins
Glasshead Ballpoint pins.  There are only a few straight pins included in the kit above.  I recommend glasshead ballpoint pins for little ones learning to sew.  The glasshead makes it easy to grab onto and the ballpoint means less hurtful pokes.  One package is enough for 3 students to share.  Find these pins HERE.
Pencil boxes from Michael's
Supply Box.  Any kind of pencil box or supply box will work to put the Start-To-Sew kit in.  Again, it is easier if they each have the same type of box.   Different colors are great.  I found that these from Michael's fit the scissors well and are only $1.00 and they carry these year-round.  Target and Staples will have similar ones in the summer during their back-to-school  sales.

As the camp instructor you should supply the following items:
Iron, ironing board and power strip
Ironing board
Extension cord(s) or power strip
Wonder clips, c-thru ruler, and point turner
Optional but useful items:
Point Turner  This tool is very useful for turning out corners and pressing seams open before you iron.  I have all the students share mine.
Rotary Cutting Set  This is for adults only!  This is a system of cutting fabric using a rotary cutter against a thick ruler on a vinyl mat that has a grid.  It is perfect for cutting straight lines and when instructions only give dimensions and not patterns.  I never had a rotary cutter until a few years ago and now I love it.  Quilters use them but seamstresses mainly use them for crafts.  You can use this set if you are cutting for the children.
Cardboard Cutting Board This is a cardboard with a grid used to layout clothing patterns.  Pins can go into the board to anchor pieces.  The grid can also be used with tissue paper and pencil to make patterns in the right dimensions.  You then pin and cut the fabric with scissors instead of using the rotary cutting set.  The grid on the rotary cutting mat can be used in the same way to make patterns.
C-Thru Ruler  This ruler is 2 X 18 inches and marked in 1/8" lines.  This can be used with the cardboard cutting board to make patterns.  I also use it to make ironing guides from cardstock.
Wonder Clips  These work great for little hands to use instead of pins when sewing their first seams.

If you sew, you probably have most of these items.  You can find many of these at your local craft or fabric store.  These items are also available in The Lost Apron Sewing Store HERE.  You can view the store for more details on these items.

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