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Planning Your Summer Sewing Camp

 Now it is time to figure out who, where and when.

Last week I introduced the idea of planning your own Summer Sewing Camp to teach your own children to sew.  You can read that HERE. I got a very positive response from moms and grandmothers.  This week I will discuss the who, where and when.

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 The goal is to teach your own children.  This may actually happen if you have a friend also.  The best age is 9-10 years old.  The earliest age I would begin machine sewing is 8 years old or completed second grade.  Age 7  will work also IF there is a strong interest to learn to sew (not just mom wanting them to learn) AND you have a small group for the added attention.    I have also taught older children and adults.  You are never too old to learn to sew.  Think about your sons and boys also.  The projects I will have for the the first week of camp are unisex.  If you have more than one child in this age group, you can also keep the camp to just your own children.  I started with my daughter and 3 of her friends, ages 9 and 10. 

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 Where  If you are only having your own children, then your home is the perfect place.  I have found that my kitchen table works great.   I have also been given use of my children's school when I started teaching other children as part of the summer camps.  I have used a classroom and the art room.  I have also used the church hall.  Our local quilt shop allows groups for a fee.  There is also grandma's house if you lack space.   As long as you have a table, good lighting and an electric source, you can make it work.

 The best time for a Summer Sewing Camp is to block out a week when everyone is free.  The first week of the summer works best.  This way if you want to continue for more weeks, you will have time to do this.  I first put out a flyer to some of my daughter's friends to see if there was any interest.  Then I later firmed up the times and the projects.  What has worked really well for me is 4 days for 4 hours.  Monday through Thursday, 9:00 to 1:00 has worked well.  We take a break in the morning then a break for lunch.  You may also want to plan one day later in the summer for a charity day.  It is great to use a skill they have learned to give back in some way.

Another option for the working mom:  If you work, or evenings are just more convenient, you can also plan on night workshops.  Plan one night a week for 2 hours for 4 weeks.  I have taught in mini sessions after school and these have been popular.  I will show you more condensed options that will fit in this timeframe.  The goal is to learn to sew.  If you are on a flex schedule or work a 4/40 week, you can also spread out the 4 day camp to 4 weeks.  Find what works for you.

Summer Sewing Camp series:  In the upcoming weeks I will go over supplies needed, a materials list and the actual projects with tutorials.  I will follow up with other suggestions for following weeks of camp and charity projects.  I will also include the best ways to teach children.

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