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Swim Team Swimsuit Modesty

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Its difficult to be modest when you are only wearing a thin Speedo.  But there is something you can do to prevent showthrough. 

1400-9343-TThe typical swim team swim suit looks like this.  This is the Speedo Aquablade from Swimoutlet.com.   It has no bra cups and the only lining is a small patch on the crotch.



By the end of swim season it looks like this (lifted up to a window).


22402-2TThis is the Sporti Solid Y-Back Workout Bikini Top from Swimoutlet.com.  This can easily be worn under the swimsuit.  It has a racer back so the straps will not show and comes in a variety of colors to match your racing suit.  It should not give additional drag in the water.  



To give even more modesty to your suit you can add a bra cup into the bikini top.  Simply make a snip in  the lining of the top at both sides.  Make sure to only cut the lining (this is the inside layer).  Then you can insert a molded bra cup into each slit.

These molded bra cups are everywhere.  They are in many of your other swimsuits or sports bras you already have.  Look for the slits and pull them out.

Here is my Jantzen swimsuit with one cup removed.

IMG_0623 IMG_0625
Here is a sports bra at Forever 21.  If you turn it to the inside you can find the opening with the molded bra cup inside.

If you can't find any in your clothes, you can also purchase bra cups at your local fabric store or HERE.

Now your swimmer can swim with confidence!

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