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There is nothing like traveling as a family.  Not only is it a bonding experience, but you all learn so much from travel.  We recently took a family trip to Paris for Christmas.  


We stayed at the Hotel Relais Bosquet.  This hotel was absolutely perfect!  It is located in the Rue Cler, restricted to pedestrians.  These are a few photos  taken one evening just a few feet from our front door.  This hotel has a great staff that speaks English and they like to keep in touch with their guests.  They have free internet so you can use your ipad or laptop.  We used it for skype and emails and planning our next day's events.  This reduces the phone international charges.

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We used Paris Webservices for airport transportation.   You cannot hail a cab on the street; you must go to designated taxi stops.  Some of these are only for certain hours.  Therefore it might be easier to prearrange your travel.  Taxis in Paris are small so transporting a family takes more than one taxi.  Paris Webservices will be sure to have a car to fit your family.  The cost was actually less for our family of five than taking two taxis.  It was amazing how realiable they were.  Our driver was waiting for us in the hotel lobby on the morning of our very early departure.  Check beforehand if they take credit cards, otherwise you may have to be sure you still have some Euro left.  

We were able to use the Metro and walked everywhere.  The hotel is within walking distance of all that Paris has to offer.

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Map from Hotel Relais Bosquet website.   Click on map to enlarge and see all the nearby sites.

We used Rick Steves' Paris  book.  We found this book to have very valuable resources including those listed above, places to see and tours to take.

See other posts on Paris HERE.  More of Paris to be continued. . . . 

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