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You never know what your children are learning from you until you see it displayed.

I love making a variety of cookies at Christmas time. They make great gifts. Although my oldest daughter lives on her own now, she decided to make cookies this year.

I got this photo texted to me the other night from her apartment. She prepared cookies similar to what I usually make. She added some of her own ideas.

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She added a pretty ribbon and jingle bell to her bakery box to make a beautiful gift for someone in her office.

I have said so many times before: Your children learn more from watching you than from anything you ever try to teach them.

My same daughter when she was younger.

So when your children are young, include them in all you do. A simple baking day not only teaches them how to bake eventually, but they will learn your hospitality in where your baked goods go. They learn the love that goes into what you do. They learn the selflessness of giving. They learn to think beyond themselves.

Take the time to have your children along side you even when times are busy. You never know what they are learning from you.

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