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Our family recently had to be out of our home for a few days for a fumigation. I stored things and my parents house and we stayed at my in-laws. It was evident that both homes are in the ready for whatever guests may arrive.

My parents had cleared off a table for me to store my pantry items in the garage. Everywhere were plenty of paper goods for family get-togethers. But what intrigued me was the baby porta-potty that they kept at the ready. I was trying to figure out who would use this. All the grandchildren were grown and the great-grandchildren do not live nearby. But then I thought that when the great-grandchildren do come, they will be ready.IMG_1319

Upon arriving at my in-laws, I was amazed that the spare room was prepared so lovingly for us. The spare bath had items that any traveler might need.

Both these homes have welcome arms to anyone who may stop by or stay for a while. How many people have they had that have stayed in their homes?

So many times during our parenting journey, we see the end when our children will one day be on their own after college. I see these homes and see that they have never stopped their parenting journey. They await their children's call and welcome a request to stay.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I feel a real need to thank our parents. They have been there over the years regardless of our needs. Take time to think about your parents. Do they need a call from you to make their day? Are they waiting for a long time visit?

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