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Don't Let the Day Begin Without You

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When I first started staying home (after being the career mom) I thought it would be great that I didn't need to be up at any particular hour. What I found was that if the children woke before me, I was trying to catch up all day. The biggest obstacle was when to shower. Nap time would put me too far into the day. Sweats and a ponytail does not make for a good self image. Their needs would collide with things I needed to get done. Before I knew it, Dad was home and I didn't have a clue what we were having for dinner. I realized that if the children woke before me, the day actually got started without me.

I made a plan to start my day ready for my day. I never walked into the office in my pjs, why did I think it was okay to start my new job in my pjs? I got up early, showered, read my bible, had my coffee, and made my plans for the day. The first baby cry was then a sweet sound.

As my children began to go to school, this was even more important. I would get up early enough to shower and dress before it was time to wake them up. Then I was ready for whatever the day brought me. Don't let the day start without you.