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Accomplishments vs. Character

Day 7. See other 31 Dayers at The Nesting Place.

We as parents are sometimes so focused on what our children are accomplishing that we may lose sight of who they are becoming. Don't get lost in the competition. Focus on who your children are and who they are becoming.

It is good that we push our children to be all that they can be. We do this by challenging them to do well in school, sports, music, etc. As they grow older, we challenge them to do community service and get a part-time job (while keeping up everything else.) We then push them to do all they can to get into the best college and apply for every scholarship. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, as we push them to apply for internships and finally that job after college. We think our job as parents will then be done.

All of you are probably somewhere along this timeline with your children, with the ultimate goal of them being independent. We can rattle off all their accomplishments to friends we run into at the grocery store as we brag. But who brags about the character traits they have developed? We are so concerned about the "hard work" ethic and we forget about other ethics. What about kindness, honesty, lawfulness, respect? What does your child do when no one is looking?

When you children are grown and they are out of college and working, you may run into someone you know at the grocery store and you start talking about your children. This time instead of rattling off your list of accomplishments you can say, "I'm really proud of who they have become."