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Don't Wish Away the Baby Years

No matter how many times you have heard someone tell you "They grow up so fast!" you can't believe it until you are the one saying that. You wish someone had really told you how fast.

Let me tell you. They grow up so fast!!!

Somehow we are always trying to rush them along to the next stage. We can't wait for them to sleep through the night so we can sleep. Then before you know it you are having sleepless nights because they haven't come home yet from being out. We can't wait for them to be less dependent on you to feed them. Then you are longing for them to come over for dinner.

I see life as seasons. We had the high school and college seasons. We had the dating and career building seasons. The infant-hood years are also a season. Compare this season to the college season--four or so years of intense time commitment, wondering if you are doing it right, late nights, then finally graduating to a different season. Like college, you find outlets to get by. Find time with your husband to connect and savor your children and who they are becoming.

In the midst of the baby years you feel as though they will never end and you think you could never keep up this pace. You can do it!! Notice their personality begin to emerge. Notice their understanding of what you are saying, long before they can speak. See the wonder of how God has entrusted you in this part of His miracle.